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We reserve the copyright of all contents of this web-site. Copy and use of the contents is permitted provided that the source of contents is recognized or referenced to the source. Plagiarized research publication is not permitted and actions will be taken. Note that this grant does not include any program interface designs.

Derivative algorithm research and Reverse engineering

This web-site contains technical information on proprietary systems. Derivative work, reverse engineering and plagiarized research publication is prohibited by laws.

Open Source Policy for SWT Design Patterns

Open source codes for SWT Design Patterns are free to use provided that it does not contradict the spirit of free use! Use in commercial software is free provided the s/w is not a s/w developer tool with commercial fees! Other use is free!

Download Policies

Download of certain software is limited to bona fide industrial applications. To obtain a copy, you may have to submit an application form providing sufficient information supporting your identification and usage of software.

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We may provide web links provided that you provide in kind from a relevant static web-page with clear indication of Google PageRank. Note that we do not accept exchange if it is from link farms (or likes) or dynamic pages such as php, asp, pl, etc.


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