Predictive Modeling and Deep Learning

Risk management is an essential part of credit and insurance industries. Predictive modeling can be a very useful tool for risk management. It provides empirical predictions based on past information.

Rule-based Model Evaluation with Event Processing (RME-EP) can combine multiple predictive models and business rules in various forms, and be used for Deep Learning models. It is based on Forward Chaining rule engine and predictive models including neural network. RME-EP is derived from SQL language. Itís very powerful and easy to learn.

Share Your Predictive Models!

Share your predictive/deep-learning models with others using MyDataSay Android App and Rosella BI Server.

Android Application: MyDataSay

MyDataSay is an Android Application for deploying predictive models. Predictive models developed with CMSR Data Miner can be deployed on Android devices. Download evaluation copies from the following link;

J2EE Web Deployment

Rosella predictive modeling web solution is based on Java J2EE application servers. It can run on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X, Unix, etc. Its high performance can provide vital services to a large group of users.

Enterprise Solutions

Rosella predictive modeling provides complete enterprise solutions from model development to model deployment over web and Android devices. High performance web server and powerful neural network and RME-EP combination can be essential for enterprise risk management. For more information on risk management and predictive modeling, please visit the following links;

Customer Churn Predictive Modeling

Customer churn is a big problem in many industries. Predictive modeling can help to identify customers at risk of churn. For more, read the following link;

Database Marketing

Customer database provides rich customer information. Predictive analytics can identify customer tendencies which can be used in developing marketing plans;

Marketing Survey Research

Marketing survey research is essential part of marketing. Predictive analytics can automatically identify important factors from survey data and build predictive models. For more, please read marketing survey analysis.