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CMSR Data Miner / Machine Learning / Rule Engine Studio
Predictive Modeling by Machine Learning & Rule Engine & Data Mining

CMSR Data Miner / Machine Learning / Rule Engine Studio (previously StarProbe Data Miner) provides an integrated environment for machine learning based predictive modeling, expert system shell rule engine and data mining. CMSR is a perfect platform to develop advanced models using deep learning techniques for business data, combining predictive models and business rules. And deploy models on the web and Android devices.

Full predictive model development life cycle support: Data Analysis, Variable Relevancy Analysis (correlation and confusion-map analysis), (Rule-based) Data Transformation, Modeling, Model Integration, Model Validation & Fitness Testing, Database Scoring & Updates, Model Deployment on the web and Android and embedded applications.

CMSR provides easy-to-use Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) with intuitive powerful model and data visualization tools. You can develop advanced powerful models very easily (without typing cranky commands and API parameters, except rules).

Developing quality optimal neural network models requires more than API calls. Incremental training with multiple datasets. Network fine tuning. Network pruning and compression. Testing and validation. Database scoring. These require advanced graphical visualization tools. CMSR has them! This will assist you to develop better models.

Very powerful graphical visualizations, advanced power options and smooth integration with database systems make it well-suited for advanced power users as well as beginners.

Ideal for large enterprises: Simple to deploy advanced sophisticated models on Rosella BI Web Server and on Android devices. Very fast! Rosella BI Server can process complex RME-EP deep learning model HTTP/JSON requests over 5,000 times per second on average dual core computers. (Note that performance can vary depending on neural network sizes.)

Designed for developing AI-based business solutions and embedded applications. For Java/Android applications, APIs are available. For details, please check Java/Android API Manual. For non-Java, such as PHP, HTTP-based RPC can be used.

Excellent algorithms and advanced power tools, super fast, big data (up to 2 billion records), easy-to-use GUI interfaces, smooth database incorporation, superb graphics and user experience!

(1) Rule Engine for Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Expert Systems

  • RME-EP: Rule Engine with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Network
  • Easy to build "Deep Learning" hierarchically stacked multiple neural network models
  • Combines rule engine and machine learning for predictive modeling
  • Forward-chaining rule inference engine
  • Rules can be written to incorporate predictive models
  • Powerful easy-to-learn rule specification language (derived from SQL)
  • Easy-to-use Machine Learning Studio that can generate predictive model evaluation rules automatically.
  • Can be used as rule-based data transformation tools
  • Implement Radial Basis Function (RBF) using SOM and Neural Network models
  • Support many regression, time-series and statistical functions
  • Randomization rules can be used to create sampling datasets from database tables
  • Database scoring: Apply RME-EP models to database records
  • Models are deployed on Web and Android
  • Want to develop super intelligent models? Start with the example in this page and expand it!

(2) Predictive Modeling by Machine Learning

  • Neural Network: ANN Multi-layer Deep Neural Network (Incremental learning with multiple training datasets, network pruning and compression, random data training, best model search, network evolution diagram, GPU JOCL/OpenCL computing support.)
  • SOM: Self Organizing Maps for Clustering
  • Decision Tree (Cramer, Entrophy, GINI, Chisquare, Expected Accuracy, etc.) (Note that Cramer tends to produce trees with fewer nodes but more accurate than other well-known decision tree algorithms.)
  • Regression
  • Rule-based predictive model integration
  • Correlation analysis for predictive modeling variable relevancy analysis
  • Database scoring: Apply predictive models to database records
  • Models are deployed on Web and Android

(3) Clustering and Segmentation: Customer Prioritizing and Targeting

  • Neural Clustering (SOM) with Response and Profit Modeling/Analysis
  • Decision Tree with Response and Profit Modeling/Analysis
  • Database scoring: Apply segmentation models to database records
  • For step-by-step guides for customer segmentation, prioritizing and targeting, please read Customer Prioritizing and Segmentation (PDF).

(4) Hotspot Drill-down and Profiling

  • Hotspot Drill-down Analysis and Profiling

(5) Cross-sell Shopping Basket Analysis

  • Association Rules - Apriori Algorithm (Works with both database and file data. Big data!)
  • Co-items Shopping Basket Analysis

(6) Data Mining and Statistics

  • Cross tables with deviation/hotspot analysis.
  • Groupby tables with trend analysis.
  • Power visual charts: 3D bars, bars, histograms, Sankey diagram, histobars, scatterplots, boxplots, and more.

(7) Database Analytics and Tools

  • Power visual charts: 3D bars, bars, histograms, histobars, scatterplots, and more.
  • Crosstable and group-by reports.
  • Database metadata navigation and data browser.
  • Data import and export tools.
  • SQL query/batch tools.

(8) Special Features

  • 64-bit integer and floating point data representation.
  • Large in-memory optimized for fast speed (currently up to 2GB).
  • Super fast and Big data (single dataset up to 2 billion records and 1 tera-bytes).
  • Connect to and update major relational DBMS through JDBC.
  • Data Miner optimized for MicroSoft MS SQL Server, MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS Office Access.
  • Deploy/publish predictive models on Android phones and Android tablets with MyDataSay app. For downloads, click here.
  • Runs on multiple OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X / MacOS.

For 1 year free license downloads, please visit CMSR Download Request.
For free academic downloads, please visit CMSR Download Request.

MacOS Data Mining / Machine Learning Software

CMSR Data Miner / Machine Learning Studio is based on Java(TM). It runs on Mac OS X / macOS seamlessly.

[ Screenshots of CMSR Data Miner / Machine Learning Studio ]

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For 1 year free license downloads, please visit CMSR Download Request.
For free academic downloads, please visit CMSR Download Request.

(Note that StarProbe data miner is replaced with CMSR Data Miner / Machine Learning Studio.)