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CMSR: Data Mining Software Download

CMSR data miner suite (previously StarProbe Data Miner) is a general purpose data mining software specially designed for business data and database environment. Main features include;

For more information and Downloads, visit Data Mining Software & Downloads.

Predictive Modeling Software Download

CMSR data miner suite include advanced predictive modeling tools;

  • Neural network
  • Decision tree classification
  • Regression

    For more information and Downloads, visit Predictive Modeling Software & Downloads.

  • Excel Addin Downloads: Crosstab & Groupby

    Generate cross/pivot tables and perform deviation analysis based on chi-square statistics. Create groupby tables and perform trend analysis based on advanced time-series regression. Download evaluation copies from Excel Addins: Crosstab & Groupby.

    Risk Management

    Risk management is very important, especially, for financial industries. We see the consequences of ignoring risk management! For more information;

    Marketing Survey Research

    Marketing survey research is essential part of marketing. Predictive analytics can automatically identify important factors from survey data and build predictive models. For more, please read marketing survey analysis.

    Database Marketing

    Customer database provides rich customer information. Predictive analytics can identify customer tendencies which can be used in developing marketing plans;