Share / Equity Trading and Trend Analysis

The art of equity (shares, futures, bonds) trading hinges upon how you can ride the trends in share prices. Share prices generally fluctuate. Understanding patterns in price fluctuation can make investors hugely advantageous.

Trend Analysis: Profiling big movers

Profiling big movers can give you overall equity market trend. Hotspot can generate profiles for big movers. Profiles can be based on company classification, fundamental data, profit and loss, balance sheet, and share price information. Knowing profiles of big movers, you can increase portfolios for rising stocks while reducing portfolios of falling stocks. More specifically, you can sell off stocks that belong to falling groups and buy those in rising. Profiles can be based on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly changes. This will provide short to long term patterns of big movers. Investors who know the market trends will be able to invest smarter, increasing profit while reducing risks.

For example, an equity investment firm wishes to know profiles of companies that lost most share values in percentage terms during the last six month. The following shows a possible result that might be used to identify potential risk of companies.

Big mover trend analysis.

In addition, this can be used to identify profiles of companies whose market values have risen most rapidly during the last three days, and so on.

Dividend Analysis

Dividend is a very important stock performance indicator. Profiling companies with highest (or lowest) price-to-earning ratios is another analysis that hotspot supports. The following is a possible outcome for profiles of companies with the highest price-to-earning ratios;

Dividend trend analysis.

The other end of the analysis will be the profiles of companies that lost most.

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Note that this technology offers new business opportunities. If your organization is interested with the technology, please contact us. It is an ideal technology for equity market data providers and brokerage firms!

The following shows the hotspot profiling module of StarProbe data miner;

share price trend analysis with hotpsot profiling.