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Excel Addin Evaluation Downloads

To download Excel Addins, please choose software below;

(1) Crosstab Excel Addin for Advanced Pivot Tables

Excel's pivot tables are somewhat static and limited. Rosella Excel Addin Cross Tables complement the limitations of pivot tables. It provides various analytics dynamically. It supports sums, counts, averages, expected values, deviations, deviation ratios, and ratios over grand totals, over row totals and over column totals, ...

Cross table - Excell Addin

(2) Excel Group-by Addin for Trend Analysis and Forecasting

Rosella Groupby Excel Addin provides powerful simple-to-use tools for trend analysis and forecasting. It combines group-by aggregation with time-series predictive modeling. It employs powerful non-linear regression. Currently it supports 16 different functions using advanced function fitting algorithm. The following figure shows an example of Rosella Groupby reports with time-series analysis. For more information for Rosella Groupby Excel Addin, please read Rosella Groupby Excel Addin for Trend Analysis and Forecasting.

Excel Addin - Groupby and Trend Analysis and Forecast Tool.

Download: Excel Addin Tool for Cross Table and Trend Analysis and Forecasting

For one year free license copy of this Excel Addin, click Download Rosella Excel Addin. This features the following tools (Last updated: May 11, 2018);

  • "Group-by tables" with trend analysis, time-series regression incorporating smoothing and seasonal adjustment.
  • Group/Segment Time-series Trend Similarity/Correlation Analysis.
  • "Cross tables" with deviation analysis based on chi-square statistics.
  • "RGTSREGRES formula function" for time-series regression incorporating smoothing and seasonal adjustment.
  • "Data import" into Excel from database through ODBC and SQL queries.